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I decided to become a psychotherapist because I wanted to work for human liberation.

This might surprise you. Revolutionary leaders, activists, sometimes even politicians deal in human liberation. But psychologists? How can liberation take place on a therapy couch?

Consider this: the forces that stymie us - our relationships with other people, our ability to do work that dignifies us, our sense of purpose, freedom, and connection to the world - are both external and internal. Externally, forces such as poverty, natural disasters and violence certainly cause visible suffering and limitation in people's lives. But internally, we may also find ourselves battling an onslaught of our own painful thoughts and emotions. Not only can these internal struggles derail us, but since they take place in the privacy of our own minds, they can be that much harder for others to recognize, understand, and empathize with. They can leave us feeling profoundly lonely.

Sometimes the source of our painful thoughts and feelings is obvious, as when we relive the memory of a traumatic experience. At other times, they seem to emerge as if from nowhere. My purpose as a therapist is to help people make sense of themselves and experience greater freedom. Not having to hide from ourselves is and enables the kind of liberation I am after!



Tara Eastcott, Psy.D.

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