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*New location as of September 5, 2016*

Tara Eastcott, Psy.D.

2955 Valmont Road

Suite 120 (Downstairs)

Boulder, CO 80301




From 28th Street, turn East on Valmont Road.

After passing the solid traffic divider, you will pass the intersection with 29th Street (a very small street that you will see both on your left and your right). Look for the next left turn after 29th Street.

It’s not an obvious turn: you are looking for a small road that takes you across a short bridge crossing the irrigation ditch and to the parking at the back of the building.  Look for where the median yellow lines begin to split, and for the “Modern Specialists” building on your right as landmarks.

If you get to 30th Street, you have gone too far East.

Enter on the ground / garden level of the building and head diagonally to your right across the lobby to Suite 120.

You will be able to see the glass walls of the waiting room when you enter the building.

If it is your first session I will leave a clipboard of opening paperwork for you on a chair in the waiting room. Please leave about 10 minutes to complete this paperwork prior to the scheduled start time of our consultation.


There are restrooms on each floor of the building. While they are marked to be gender specific, the main doors of the 2-stall restrooms on the ground floor can be locked, turning them into single-user units. The restrooms on the 3rd floor are both singles.


My small dog, Lola, is typically with me at the office. If you are not a dog lover, just let me know and she can easily (and happily!) remain sleeping in her crate. You will likely not even know she is there. If you do like dogs, she is exceptionally friendly, especially with kids. If you have a severe dog allergy, my office is unfortunately not an allergen-free zone in this respect.